Our Success Stories


Lean Marketing

We’ve re-organized and increased the efficiency of the marketing and communication process of the company using lean principles and tools with an inbound marketing strategic view.

We’ve supported the marketing office creating marketing campaigns on target with a strong concept aim to the optimization and velocity of procedures.

Lead Generation Campaign

Developing the digital marketing strategy of the company , we’ve structured a lead generation campaign including the CRM with the website and social media channels.

The company has broadened its customer portfolio thanks to focused promotion and CTA.

Branding & Design Sito Web

We’ve created the corporate identity of the company including logo, letterhead, business card, brochure and video.

Involving the offices we’ve drew up guidelines to communicate the concept and the vision focusing on experience, couture, productive capacity and union.

Video Marketing & Storytelling

With the support of the company’s employes we’ve created the video corporate communicating the core values like tradition and quality.

The videos are made to show the company to different markets and as a support for sales network.

Advertising for Events

We’ve develop the entire communication of a sport event that was in this case a famous marathon.

It’s been an important moment for the association to restyle the image and give it high-visibility. We’ve created the corporate identity, the website and adv campaigns.


Training Workshop

We organize training courses inside the company on lean management and digital marketing strategies.

Through coaching and audit we find out the strenghtness and weakness of the business and we give practical solutions to optimize the activities. Workshop doesn’t mean only coaching but also it’s a way to create positive mood and team building.

Lean Transformation

We’ve reviewed the products to decrease costs and increase quality. Following market trends we take those activities inside the company that give it a major value such as optimize the items in stock for a perfect logistic.

Redefining and rationalizing the factory we’ve recovered the operating costs.


Lean Office: re-organizing office procedures

We’ve organized the offices with an agile method: once we’ve understood the streams it’s been easy to optimize the procedures for the employes and departments.

Inside an agile office, everyone has precise and simple roles without overlaying tasks with obvious benefits in terms of efficiency and cost recovery.


Process Mapping

We’ve created the value stream mapping (VSM) of the productive areas working together with the managers of the company.

We’ve planned and re-designed the productive lay-out organizing the entire cycle to optimize the work peaks with the Kaizen-thinking.


Just in Time Production

We’ve leveled the production with a precise schedule during temporary management phase.

We’ve also defined the stream of processing and materials compatible with the JIT request. We’ve limited the manual operations with automated systems. Then, we’ve applied in a significant way the 5S Method.

Productive Stream Optimization

Optimizing the productive stream of the factory, we take the flow process reducing time waste related to materials.

Then, we’ve adopted the MRP system (Material Requirement Planning) to reorganize the materials with a proper planning based on reorder point.


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